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Joe’s commitment to his message and passion for people are evident as soon as you meet him. The whole presentation was perfect for our group, and gave them a memorable experience for our biggest event of the year.
–Priscella Scott, Arkansas 4-H Development Associate, State Conference Coordinator

Joe’s energy and enthusiasm in sharing his stories and motivators made for a captivating and inspirational closing keynote. He had a tremendous impact on our leaders who said that he was “funny, exciting, interactive, and intriguing.”
–Samantha Kipp, Program Director, Illinois Leadership Seminars

Joe did a tremendous job, it was definitely worth him coming. The kids were captivated and the staff was energized. I would highly recommend Joe to come to any type of conference you have or even speaking to your staff.
–Greg Neville, Executive Director of Great Lakes Leaders Training School

It was amazing to see what the kids got out of it about making decisions, going for their goals, and not holding back. It spoke to all the staff as well about making us reach for those dreams.”
–Sam, staff member at Great Lakes Leaders Training School

It was a very wonderful time. I was surprised he grasped our students mind in one day. That was great.
Emiko Tango, Seizan Junior High School, Japan

Joe captured my students’ attention like no other speaker I have seen. He has the perfect balance of humor and professionalism to effectively convey his message to students and adults.
–Jennifer Donald, Affton High School, DECA and FBLA Advisor

If you’re looking for a speaker with passion and enthusiasm who truly cares about inspiring others, then look at booking Joe Fingerhut. He’s on a mission to make a positive difference in as many lives as possible!
–James Malinchak, Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the College Soul, featured on ABC’s TV Show “Secret Millionaire” 

Joe did great at making the audience feel invested and involved in the presentation. Some of my students probably don’t think much about the future and this talk gave them some goals to set.
–Caitlin Ebel, Teacher, Valley Park High School

Over the last several years, Joe Fingerhut has presented and shared with our students a number of times. Joe is particularly gifted at treating all students with respect and drawing out the best they have to offer.
–Charmaine Smith, Executive Director, Discovering Options

Joe delivered on everything he promised. He was funny, engaging, had his finger on the pulse of the audience, and adjusted his delivery to keep everyone’s attention.
–Caryl Childers, Youth Group Leader

Your presentation made a huge impact on our students. You invoke positive energy, and everyone thrived on that. Thanks Joe!
–Ted Frigillana, Assistant Principal, Grand Center Arts Academy

Student Leaders

It was a remarkable talk. The best thing I will take away from this is Joe’s view of life, and turning ‘I can’t’ into ‘How Can I?’ For our group, that question needs to be answered most. Thanks Joe!
Meredith, State 4-H President

He was super-relatable, he’s a normal guy who had big ideas and went out and made it happen. We get stuck in this rut where we think we have to a stereotypical life, and to know that we’re able to push boundaries, take an idea and make it real is awesome. Thank you so much Joe!
Lauren, president of Great Lakes Leaders Training School

I thought it was fantastic; I recommend any other high school to hire Joe and have him come to your school. He did a fantastic job.
Allie, Pittsfield HS

Joe is a very inspirational speaker! He connects with people through ways that I’ve never seen speakers do. He was hilarious, and I believe he can help a lot of people.
4-H member

I’ve been coming to our state conference for a couple years, and Joe Fingerhut is by far the best speaker I’ve seen!
4-H member

Praise from Students

“Joe was awesome, it was important to hear the message of chasing your dream.”

“You’re a cool guy, and I liked your teaching stuff, you’re funny, and a good speaker.”

“I really liked how he added personal stories instead of only telling us what to do to make our life better.”

“I like the part where he talked about how to accomplish your goals. I especially liked the D.R.E.A.M. part.”

“He made it more enjoyable than just sitting there listening.”

“I like how he got the class involved and made it fun.”

“It was funny, and the way he talked was interesting and easy to understand.”

“He was funny and made me want to travel.”

“I like how he turned being funny into being a real lesson.”

“I like how he connected his life to the main purpose about trying hard and doing anything you want.”

“I really liked his presentation; he’s really good at keeping the audience’s attention. He had interesting stories to tell.”

“I didn’t like when it was over. . .I wanted to listen allllll day!”



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