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Joe has successfully presented to a wide range of audiences at different events. We can adapt to your setting and tailor a presentation for your group. Get in touch today to see how Joe can fit into your program.

Current programs:
Make the Impossible Possible – for youth
How to Win Teens and Influence Students – for educators

“Make the Impossible Possible”

Audience: Teens and Young Adults

Length: 45 – 60 minutes

Making the decision to follow your heart and pursue your dreams against odds is hard for a young person, especially as many of today’s youth face challenges and adversity. Going through the process of seeing the path to take can, at times, be a difficult road to navigate. Joe Fingerhut speaks from the heart about issues that are real to young people today. He has faced adversity, suffered loss, and pursued his passions despite long odds. Joe connects with audiences using humor, magic, and relevant stories of his own adventures, and he has a knack for connecting each young person’s heart with a powerful message of hope. Joe is passionate about inspiring young people to dream bigger dreams, eliminate limits, and lead themselves, all the while teaching them the power of right choices, attitude, and character. He leaves them with tools to transform their lives and the world around them.

Topics Covered in “Make the Impossible, Possible” Include:

* The key question, “How Can I?”

* Leadership starts within.

* Listen to YOUR heart—no one else will.

* D.R.E.A.M., a simple method for setting and achieving goals.

How to Win Teens and Influence Students

Audience: Educators

45-60 Minutes

As a daily part of an important time (the teenage years!) in young people’s lives, teachers have amazing opportunities for positive influence. But… how do educators make a connection to teens? How do they maintain that connection, as well as keep up the passion that is essential to making a difference?  This interactive, engaging presentation introduces, explains, and reminds educators of how old-fashioned people skills can apply to today’s students.


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Joe has written a high-impact book that will change lives, save lives, and transform society for teens.

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